Does this sound like you?

Welcome Everyone to my weekly Blog on weight-loss.

Does this sound like you?  Do you have this conversation going on in your head: “I’ve tried everything, I eat well and exercise, but I just can’t lose weight”?  “I’ve been over weight all my life, I’m never going to change”, it’s hopeless.”  “I can lose the weight, I just can’t keep it off” – this is my favorite; “I’m not overweight, I’m just too short for my weight”! [Ha!] Around and around people go.

Or, do you have your favorite diet?  Are you a “serial dieter”? Do you have a “trick up your sleeve" to lose 10 lbs. really fast?  You know, those diets you go on when you have a wedding or school reunion to attend, or a tropical vacation or cruise coming up?  Sure, you can drop 5 or 10 lbs. really quickly, but can you MAINTAIN that weight loss?

Typically, those who lose weight on a fad or crash diet will regain all weight lost back very quickly and then some because they have felt so deprived they binge eat once the “diet” is over.  It’s not a matter of “will or won’t” power.  Do you know that fat cells never go away? Fat cells are still there after a diet, that is they are still there unless drastic measures such as liposuction are employed.  See, fat cells are either plumped up with fat, water, cellular waste and environmental toxins, or they are squished, empty, lying flat and behaving.  Here’s the thing, when the fat cells are emptied quickly such as on a crash diet, they become very unstable, a person feels shaky and unbalanced and it’s like the fat cells are say EAT, EAT, FILL ME UP!!

If all this sounds like you, if you are ready to get off the yo-yo dieting merry-go-round. I CAN HELP YOU!  If you are on a radical diet, lost your excess weight, but are terrified what’s going to happen once you start eating real food again. If you are apprehensive what's going to happen once you start socializing and enjoying food and life again in the real world.- I CAN HELP YOU maintain your weight loss.  I CAN HELP YOU achieve your weight-loss goals AND maintain the weight loss.

All my programs are educational based.  You learn step-by-step every facet of the weight problem, with this knowledge you are armed with EVERYTHING you need to know how to achieve and maintain your personal healthiest weight. You will learn how to create balanced, healthy meals, eating the most nutritious food on the planet, and enjoying the food that loves you back!

IF you are ready, IF you are in the “head space” to change, please give me a call.  I’m in the business of life transformation, I’m a Change Agent - I love my job and I love to see my clients achieve their dreams.

I am currently offering 2 weight loss programsB-Your Best Weight, a 6 week online course you can learn and enjoy in the comfort of your own home (good if you only have 6-12 lbs. to lose). And my new “12 Weeks to a New Rejuvenated You!” delivered as a small group program (4-6 participants) or in one-on-one consultations.  Both these programs are based on whole, real foods, that are easily and readily purchased right here in town. My wholefoods, clean eating programs are educational weight loss “systems” where you learn step-by-step the many causes (and solutions) to the over-weight problem.

What sets my programs apart? The educational lessons and the phenomenal support and coaching you will get!  I coach with understanding and compassion and I allow my clients the time and space to grasp and implement the concepts and strategies I teach. I will stick with you every step of the way, until you reach your goal and learn how to maintain your best weight.  This is what I’m here for, this is what I do.  No gimmicks, no tricks, you will learn everything you need to know to be your healthiest weight, look and feel great without hunger or deprivation.

If this sounds like something you are ready for, if you are in the “head space” to take action, call me today to find out which program is right for you.  Come in for your free 20 minute consultation, and for a “sneak peak” into my programs and decide what is right for you.

Registration for 12 Weeks to a New Rejuvenated You!” closes March 13th, space is limited so don’t delay!

B-Well, B-Happy and B-Your Best Weight!

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