An intelligence pill & how an evening out could save your life.

  Do you want to be smarter?  Do you love garlic, wine and poutine? Don’t miss reading this month’s Nutrition News and Views! Is this email not displaying correctly? . Nutrition News & Views October 2011   Nutritional supplements support brain function Leading a stressful lifestyle? Can’t concentrate and focus on tasks at hand?  Can supplements help?  Read more […]


Most Canadians are aware that eating vegetables can help protect health, but only 36% eat the recommended amount each day. This seminar will show you some easy, tasty, and economical ways to increase your vegetable intake, reviews the most powerful nutrients found in vegetables, and provides great recipe ideas to inspire you to improve your […]

Reading Labels: Facts & Fables

With so many food products to choose from in grocery stores, how do you know which are the healthier choices? It isn’t as complicated as it may seem, thanks to food labels. Learn to: Interpret and use the “Nutrition Facts” panel Understand serving sizes and measurements Identify ingredients and additives, cholesterol, sugar, and others. Date: […]

The ABC’s of Nutritional Supplements

Are you getting the most from your supplements? How can you know which are right for you? Discover how, when & why nutritional supplements can be beneficial. This session cover: Spin the bottle – Supplement quality, excipients, manufacturing, and storage; Protocols for specific nutrients; and food sources. Date: Wed. Oct 19, 2011 Time: 7 – […]

The Hepatic System

The liver is the metabolic mastermind of the human body, it performs over 500 different functions. Traditional Chinese Medicine placed tremendous emphasis on the role of the liver in overall wellness. Take a little quiz to see if your liver needs nutritional support. Learn how to naturally support Your Brilliant Hepatic System Lunch’n Learn Date: […]

Your Intestinal System

Under normal circumstances, the human body should eliminate toxins effectively. The sad truth is that our bodies are having a difficult time eliminating all the different toxins that accumulate in our cells. In this modern world it is essential that our intestinal system (the “sewer system”) of the body receive regular cleaning and preventative care […]

Your Digestive System

Do you experience bloating, gas, heartburn, diarrhea, constipation, food allergies and immune problems? These can all be signs that the digestive system isn’t running as smoothly. Learn how to naturally support Your Brilliant Digestive System Lunch ’n Learn Date: Wed. Sept. 28 2011 Time: 12:15 – 1:00 p.m. Where: Hinton Adult Learning & Literacy Centre […]

Are You Confused About Soy?

Are you confused about soy?

Is soy a deadly toxin, or is it the ultimate health food? Respected holistic health authors Hulda Clark (The Cure for All Diseases) and Sally Fallon (Nourishing Traditions and President of the Weston A. Price Foundation) would have us believe that soy is dangerous and should be avoided. Others claim that the legume is the […]

Morguard Testimonial

Hi Debby, I just wanted to thank your for coming all the way from Hinton to do your presentation on Reading Labels. You were a great presenter and your session was very informative, a really huge eye opener. Things were a little crazy and I wasn’t sure if I thanked you or even said good […]

Let Chocolate Be Your Medicine

Let chocolate be your medicine

There has been a considerable amount of attention in the media recently about the fact that chocolate, particularly dark chocolate, is actually good for you. As with every-thing else we hear in the media, we took this information with a grain of salt. As devout chocolate lovers, this was good news, but as inherent skeptics, […]