B-Your Best Weight Holistic Weight Management Program

Losing weight and maintaining your "happy weight" is way more than counting calories.

Introducing The 'B-Your Best Weight' Holistic Weight Management Program

Learn the Three Effortless Ways to Lose Weight so that you can shake off the pounds and keep them off for good! Work with your body to lose the pounds and you'll be pleasantly surprised at how these self-care techniques can help you manage your weight over the long-term.


In B-Your Best Weight Holistic Weight Management Program...

  • You DON'T have to count calories
  • You DON'T have to starve yourself
  • You DON'T have to eat funny-tasting shakes and bars
  • You DON'T have to drink lemon water with cayenne pepper for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • You DON'T have to suffer from the consequences of yo-yo dieting

In B-Your Best Weight you will...

  • Lose between 1-2 pounds for each week on the program
  • Drop two dress/pant sizes and lose 2–4 inches from your waist
  • Feel lighter, slimmer and more confident
  • Learn the 3 steps to effortless weight loss
  • Learn which whole foods to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Learn how to set your goals to maximize success
  • Learn why “diets” don’t work
  • Learn the dangers of restrictive diets
  • Learn 10 ways to avoid the overweight trap
  • Learn about some common medical conditions and weight gain
  • Supercharge your effort and lead to success using Mindset Tips


You're provided with everything you need to learn the 'tips and tricks' that will help you eat more sensibly and keep the pounds off forever... for a lifetime of health and wellness.

B-Your Best Weight Home Study Course

$700.00 Value for Just $197.00!


Course Includes:

  • Six weeks on the program with weekly meal plans and recipes so you don’t have to think about what to eat. ($150.00 value)
  • Six private consultations, including before and after pictures, weekly measurements, body fat% and weigh-in. Private one-on-one coaching helps keep you accountable to your success goals and I will work with you to personalize the program to ensure permanent positive changes. If you are outside of the Hinton area, consultations can be done via telephone, Skype or FaceTime. If outside of Canada or USA, client agrees to pay the long distance charges.
    ($300.00 value)
  • Bonus Week 7: Soul Nourishment - The Ultimate Solution Help for emotional eaters, binge eaters and those who often feel "out of control" around food.
  • Audio instructional component (one per week) so that you can learn at your own pace, wherever and whenever you want ($75.00 value)
  • Transcript of the audio so that you can refer back to specific information – no need to scramble for pen and paper and scribble like crazy! ($60.00 value)
  • A comprehensive set of handouts so that you will be armed with the tools and information you need to take action right away ($240.00 value)

Here's what you get...

Holistic Weight Management System

Holistic Weight Management System
Topics in the Holistic Weight Management System include:

  • Intention and Goal Setting
  • Why Diets Don’t Work
  • Ten Tips to Improve Eating Habits and Lose Weight without Crazy Diets
  • The Three Secrets to the Last 5 Pounds
  • Medical Conditions and Weight Gain
  • Social Support
  • Bonus: Three-Step Sugar Cleanse

Meal Plans

Six weeks of Done-For-You whole food based meal plans for both males and females along with a food swap list.

Recipe Book

Quick and easy to make whole food recipes which are implemented into the meal plans. Includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, sides and dessert.

Helpful Handouts

Handouts on the weekly topics: (Goal & Intention Setting, Instant Flat Belly Strategies, Cheat Sheets, Food and Cravings, and Sugar Buster (short course) to name just a few.

The way it works is that you follow the done-for-you Meal Plans for 6 weeks and commit to our weekly meetings (or Internet/Audio Programs). During that time, you'll learn tons about listening to your body and choosing whole foods.

As a result, you can also improve your health as the weight comes off.

Here's A Sneak Peak into Week 1...

A note from Debby

That’s it! Simple, easy and effective!

If you're willing to follow some very LOOSE but EFFECTIVE nutrition strategies for six weeks, you can expect to lose between 1.5 lbs. to 2 lbs. per each week on the program and up to two dress/pant sizes.

You can expect to experience constant levels of energy without the use of stimulants, an increase in your ability to stick to proper portion-control sizes, and awesome and frequent bowel movements. (maybe too much information? 🙂 )

What you WON'T experience are those annoying and 'hard to resist' food cravings or the frustration over what to eat and when to eat... because it’s done for you!

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"B-Your Best Weight"
Holistic Weight Management Program

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Q & A

Q.  Are the Meal Plans vegan, vegetarian, raw, gluten-free, proper food combining, or [insert your favorite eating style]? 

A. The meal plans are whole food based, or “clean eating” and void of chemicalized, processed foods.  There are vegetarian suggestions and a Food Swap List so you can tailor the plan to your individual eating preference.


Q. Why B-Your Best Weight instead of Weight Watchers, or the popular hCG Diet?

A. In my practice I have counseled numerous people who have gone through such plans, time and time again, only to regain the weight they lost on such plans. These people continue the yo-yo pattern, by either being “on” or “off” a diet.  They have not learned the strategy of eating whole, real food. Once you’ve gone through my 6 week program, devoured the handouts, mastered the strategies, recognized and conquered the “self-sabotage” mindset, B-Your Best Weight will be the last “diet” you’ll every be on because it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle - full of delicious and satisfying food.  Learning to nourish yourself is surely the best investment you will ever make.


Q. Do I have to finish program in 6 Weeks? 

A.  No, once you have mastered strategies in Week 1 you decide when to move on to Week 2.  Some people may need more time to “digest” the strategies and concepts. The lessons are added to your membership weekly, but they remain accessible for as long as you need them.


Q. I’m so confused with all the nutritional information out there; will this plan help me make sense of it all?

A.  Even if you have no weight to lose B-Your Best Weight is a great program for you if you want to learn how to properly nourish yourself and your family.  Many people are confused about nutrition with all the hype and various diet plans out there. Here, you will get straight, honest answers, and “done-for-you” meal ideas.  B-Your Best Weight Program is suitable for all people who eat!  It is the first of many such easily accessible, doable and affordable programs to be placed on my website.

I was undecided which program to launch first, B-Your Best Weight, or a Spring Detox Program. Throughout my many years of counseling clients I have found that numerous people are deficient in trace minerals, and other essential nutrients, consequently they are not even strong enough to detox.  It's best to build cellular strength and vitality first through real, wholesome food.


Q. Where are the weight loss testimonials?

A. B-Your Best Weight participants experience a 10 – 15 lb. weight loss over the six week course, in addition to losing body fat and many inches. Those who have more weight to lose just continue with the strategies they’ve learned until they reach their goal weight. Maintenance is a breeze once whole foods, plant strong eating becomes a habit and lifestyle.

The “Before” and “After” pictures are for participants own use, and they can share them if they like on their own social network sites. Many people entering the program are “serial dieters”, some have been on one diet or another their whole adult life (some even from their teens). What participants value most about B-Your Best Weight is the confidential nature and privacy this type of program offers. I will not be posting participants pictures on my website.

However, if you wish to speak one-on-one with another B-Your Best Weight participant, this can be arranged with those who have gone through the entire program and have agreed to share their testimonials and thoughts about the program.

Comments from Participants:

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed participating in the BYBW program - not only did I feel very supported by you throughout the 7 weeks, but I also learned a lot of practical advice regarding weight loss & management. Also, I was never hungry & I found the food suggestions so varied & satisfying & easy to purchase even in a small town. I can see myself eating healthier for the rest of my life!


  • Can it really be this easy?
  • I’m not at all hungry on this plan
  • I no longer have cravings
  • How can I be losing weight? – Too much Food!
  • I love the Barley Salad
  • I really like the Blueberry Oatmeal Squares – they are so versatile, they can be eaten for breakfast, or desert, or as a snack!
  • The Super Fast Chili recipe is so tasty, quick and easy
  • I found the information unique and very helpful, I learned so much from the course
  • My whole family enjoys these recipes