Ban Belly Bloat

Welcome Everyone to my weekly Blog on weight-loss.

So, did you do it?  Did you take up the challenge in last week's Blog to pick a healthy goal and do it every day for 7 days?  If you did, isn’t that a great feeling to know you are taking steps to a new revitalized, rejuvenated you!

Last week I promised to share with you my top 3 strategies for banning belly bloat.  Here they are: drum roll please….. Ta da!

  1. Drink 8-10 cups of pure water every day, start the a.m. with fresh squeezed lemon juice in a cup of hot, warm or cold water (organic lemon best, and NOT the lemon in the plastic bottle).   This will help to balance pH and clear the liver and bowels. If this makes you feel nauseous, give me a call – you have a very congested liver!  Even if you drink a cup coffee in the a.m. do this first.


  1. Eat more greens!  Make green smoothies, add dark green veggies to every meal, (kale, spinach, romaine lettuce, chard, cucumber with rind (if organic), collard greens, beet tops, leaf lettuce, romaine lettuce) get them in there any way you can.  You can also take liquid chlorophyll in your water and supplement with GreenZone Powder, spirulina, chorella, barley or wheat grass juice.


  1. Exchange some (if not all) of the wheat in your diet for gluten free grains and flours (arrowroot, amaranth, almond flour, brown rice, cassava, buckwheat, tef, bean flour, brown rice flour, chickpea flour, yucca, corn flour, cornmeal, cottonseed, tapioca flour, soy flour, rice and rice flour, pulses, sago, job's tears, flaxseed, Milo, quinoa, potato flour, millet and pea flour).  It’s been proven over and over again that the modern hybridized wheat varieties are just too high in gluten for the average digestive system to effectively process.  Gluten in our diet produces an inflammatory response, and can “clog up the pipes” so to speak.  Remember when you were a kid and made a paste out of white flour and water?  Well, this is what happens to our insides when we eat so much gluten, it’s like goo and glue in our intestines!  Also, know that gluten is in most processed foods – read labels carefully.

Now, here’s another challenge for you.  Take your waist measurement right now, take it at the narrowest part, which may or may not be your belly button.  Incorporate these three tips into your daily routine, step-by-step, take as long as you need, but once these strategies have become habit, measure your waist again.  Then, please drop me a note and let me know how many inches you’ve lost off your waist.  All my B-Your Best Weight Program clients have noticed the most dramatic  inch loss in their waists.

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