Corporate Nutrition and Workplace Wellness Programs

Helping you Create a Healthier Organization we customize wellness programs to meet your company's goals and each individual's nutritional needs, providing your employees with the finest quality and most current research-based nutrition information.

As Canada’s authority on Holistic and Research-Based Nutrition, we can help your company:
• Raise morale, improve energy and productivity
• Promote health and prevent disease
• Inspire employees to take control of their health and well-being
• Create a healthy organizational culture
• Become an employer of choice
• Follow the national benchmarks for a healthy workplace

CAHN-Pro Canadian Association of Holistic Nutrition ProfessionalsCAHN-Pro Holisitc Nutritional Consultant are Board Certified in Practical Holisitc Nutritional Consultation, providing customized on-site nutrition seminars, programs and consultations to assist your organization increase productivity and decrease absenteeism. We have helped employees at organizations across Canada (including private, public and voluntary sectors) improve their health, better manage stress, weight, sleep, and symptoms of disease (like diabetes and heart disease), as well as increase productivity at work. We provide documented outcomes of our interventions to help you meet your ROI.

Seminar Topics

*all topics are ©Nu-Vitality or B-Well Nutrition and licensed to CAHN-Pro.

**If there is a topic you are interested in that does not appear in the list below, we would be happy to develop a presentation just for you.

Nutrition Myths Exposed!

Confused by conflicting messages from health and nutrition experts? This seminar uncovers the truth behind some of the most pervasive questions and myths about food and nutrition: Butter vs. margarine, probiotics or prebiotics, low-fat diets, and salt vs. sodium are among the topics examined.

Building Resilience

Feeling stressed and tired? Stress affects each of us in different ways, but the adrenal and thyroid glands always suffer. Levels of endocrine hormones (like cortisol) shift in response to thoughts and conditions, upsetting appetite, sleep patterns, and metabolism. Learn safe nutritional interventions that combat stress and help restore homeostasis.

The Once Over: Detoxification

New research indicates that obesity, diabetes, and many other metabolic disorders are, in part, a result of toxicity. Learn simple and safe approaches to cleanse and stimulate the body's organs and systems of elimination.

Diet Trends & Belly Busters

As the obesity epidemic grows worldwide, education about our food choices is more important than ever. Discover new strategies for safe & permanent weight control.

The Heart of the Matter: Natural Approaches for a Healthy Heart

It is believed that we can maintain a healthy heart and reduce our risk of heart disease by taking a lifestyle-oriented approach, but what does that mean? This seminar presents the most current information on heart health. Cholesterol - friend or ... foe? Gain an understanding of the new biomarkers of heart disease. Discover how to incorporate optimal dietary measures to live a heart healthy life.

High Performance Nutrition - for endurance athletes

Designed for recreational athletes, this seminar covers all the basics of sports nutrition including menu planning; macronutrient manipulation; specific foods that help maintain energy levels; sports supplements and recovery.

10 Easy Steps to a Healthier Body a.k.a. Nutrition 101

It's easier to move individual stones than a whole mountain. Introducing small changes one step at a time add up to better long-range health. Presented here are easy-to-implement tips and how-to's for a successful shape-up program: Staying hydrated; Quick and safe metabolism-boosting tricks; Adding fiber and vegetables; Limiting sodium; and replacing processed meats.

Brain Foods & Stress Busters

Specific food combinations can augment brain power and stress levels. Learn how various foods affect your brain and how to put them to proper use: The hungry brain - critical nutrients; Manipulating neurotransmitters; The physiological response to stress; Effects on digestion; Foods that stress vs. support the endocrine & nervous systems; Protocols & Menu planning.

Healthy Eating on the Run

No time for healthy eating? Think again! With a little knowledge and creativity nutritious meals for the whole family can be prepared with little effort. Topics include: Getting the most (nutrients) from the least - choosing nutrient-dense foods; Planning ahead; Nutritious lunches; Healthier fast food options; Kitchen time savers

Boosting the Burn - Metabolism Raisers

While there is no magic weight loss pill, some foods can increase the metabolic rate up to 40%! This seminar addresses the burning questions about how to incorporate these foods to reach and maintain your weight goals. Definitions: metabolism & calories; Influential factors affecting metabolism; Specific calorie-burning foods & ingredients.

Chocolate, Sugar and other Cravings

Suffering from a lack of willpower? The craving brain is not as complicated as we once thought. This engaging seminar unveils fascinating new findings about food cravings, addiction, allergies, and the immune system's involvement.

The Facts about Fats

The fats in your body are replaced every 90 days! Learn how dietary fat can dramatically affect your health. Explore the complex world of various types of fat including trans fat, EFAs, & the latest research.

The Kitchen Clean-Up

Reinvent your kitchen. Learn practical tips and techniques for grocery shopping, stocking, cooking, and storing natural foods. Introduce new foods to yourself and your family in a fun fashion. Review excellent resources for healthy, low-fat cooking.

Nutrition for Shift Workers

More than 20% of North American workers are employed as shift-workers. Healthy management of a shift workers' diet takes some knowledge and work, but once mastered, can improve sleep, energy, and overall health. Learn key issues related to the shift-workers lifestyle and useful strategies for sleep enhancement and maximum productivity during waking hours.

Pain Management: The Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Concerns about the dangers of pain medication continue to plague the field of medicine compelling many to seek alternative solutions. This seminar describes the anti-inflammatory diet and explores natural alternatives to drugs.

"Working" Towards a Healthier Weight

Many will gain up to five pounds each year upon entering the workforce. How & why was that extra weight gained, and how can it be controlled? This entertaining session discusses various work-related fat-forming factors and practical solutions.

Women's Health: Estrogen Dominance

Women needlessly suffer from the effects of estrogen dominance - PMS, mood swings, weight gain and cravings, or more serious issues including endometriosis. This intriguing presentation examines the causes and symptoms of estrogen dominance and provides practical advice for managing hormones with diet & specific nutrients.

Reading Labels: Facts & Fables

With so many food products to choose from in grocery stores, how do you know which are the healthier choices? It isn't as complicated as it may seem, thanks to food labels. Learn to: Interpret and use the "Nutrition Facts" panel; Understand serving sizes and measurements; Identify ingredients and additives, cholesterol, sugar, and others.

The ABC's of Nutritional Supplements

Are you getting the most from your supplements? How can you know which are right for you? Discover how, when & why nutritional supplements can be beneficial. This session cover: Spin the bottle - Supplement quality, excipients, manufacturing, and storage; Protocols for specific nutrients; and food sources.

Healthy Holiday Eating

Holidays, cottage weekends, wedding receptions... social events interfere with our best healthy eating intentions. With a little know-how, you can enjoy these events with few consequences. A must-see before the December holiday season.

Buying Organic: Is it really worth it?

In Canada, sales of organic food have increased by 20% each year since 2000, and more than half of us are buying organic food. Organic food and products made with organic ingredients cost more, but is the extra expense really worth it? This seminar explores the rationale behind buying organic, the differences between products labeled ‘organic’ and ‘natural’, the new Canadian regulations, and how to save money when buying organic.


Most Canadians are aware that eating vegetables can help protect health, but only 36% eat the recommended amount each day. This seminar will show you some easy, tasty, and economical ways to increase your vegetable intake, reviews the most powerful nutrients found in vegetables, and provides great recipe ideas to inspire you to improve your veggie intake and gradually transition to vegetarian/vegan lifestyle.

Vegetarian/Vegan – Doing it Right!

A vegetarian menu is a powerful and pleasurable way to achieve good health. Vegetarians have much lower cholesterol levels than meat-eaters, and heart disease is less common in vegetarians. This seminar is a follow-up to the Vegetarian…Almost! Seminar, for those who have already transitioned to a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle and would like to ensure they are getting all the nutrients they need.

Brilliant Body Series

“The Brilliant Body Series unveils truths not commonly known about our miraculous human form.  By understanding our bodies’ intricate and harmonious systems we can improve our own health & vitality, and share this wisdom with those we love”. In this series you will learn about your Brilliant Digestive, Intestinal, Hepatic (liver/gall-bladder) Circulatory, Nervous, Urinary, Immune, Respiratory, Glandular and Structural Systems and how to OPTIMIZE your HEALTH by supporting each system naturally.

Support Your Brilliant Digestive System, Naturally

Do you experience bloating, gas, heartburn, diarrhea, constipation, food allergies and immune problems? These can all be signs that the digestive system isn’t running as smoothly.

Maintain a Healthy Intestinal System

What conditions are related to an unhealthy colon? Hemorrhoids, diverticulitis, constipation, diarrhea, polyps, cancer, ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s.

Under normal circumstances, the human body should eliminate toxins effectively. The sad truth is that our bodies are having a difficult time eliminating all the different toxins that accumulate in our cells. In this modern world it is essential that our intestinal system (the “sewer system”) of the body receive regular cleaning and preventative care to ensure an optimal level of health and wellness.

Naturally Support Your Brilliant Hepatic System

The liver is the metabolic mastermind of the human body, it performs over 500 different functions. Traditional Chinese Medicine placed tremendous emphasis on the role of the liver in overall wellness. Take a little quiz to see if your liver needs nutritional support.

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