About Debby

Debby is a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant who specializes in gut health and weight management. She gently guides and educates her clients on how they can achieve optimum health, with customized client centered protocols that help to eliminate intestinal/digestive distress, food sensitivities/allergies, candida overgrowth, skin and joint issues. She is also an Iridologist/Sclerologist, Corporate Wellness Speaker, and a Health and Wellness Educator.

B-Well Nutrition was established in 2000 to educate people about healthy eating practices incorporating nutrient dense whole foods, fermented foods, the strategic use of herbal remedies, and other nutritional supplements such as enzymes and pre/probiotics.

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What is Holistic Nutrition?

Holistic Nutritional Consultants are trained to recognize that we are all constitutionally and biologically unique. This is evidenced by the fact that a food, or treatment that works for one person may make another person ill. Thus the old saying, “one man’s food is another man’s poison”, suggests that health plans need to be tailored to individual needs, and that there is no universal diet and health plan that will work for everyone. This “holistic” view is what sets Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultants (C.H.N.C.TM) apart from dieticians. As a C.H.N.C.TM I am also trained in the strategic use of nutritional supplements, as well as natural foods, and have many analytical tools to help identify the “root” cause of any “symptom” you may be experiencing. Once we know where the problem begins, we can together develop a plan to help resolve.

My personal understanding of the word “Holistic” is that we are, oh! so much more than our bodies! I personally believe we all have a spirit which is the “Spark of Life,” and “God is the Great Giver” of this “Gift”, it’s from Him and part of Him. I believe that we also have a Soul (mind/will/emotions) and we have these miraculously self-healing physical bodies, our “earth suits” which houses our spirit and soul. I say our bodies are miraculously self-healing, because if we properly nourish ourselves with love, good wholesome REAL food, fresh air, exercise and sunshine, our bodies thrive and can innately heal wounds, infections, and such and we enjoy long, healthy, productive, joyful lives. You can witness this innate healing if you cut yourself, and you clean the wound, keep it clean with a bandage, and in time the wound miraculously heals.

I believe that for a person to have optimum health, we cannot neglect any part of our being. We also have to nourish and feed our spirit, soul as well as our body. Strong reactive emotions (anger, resentment, bitterness, etc.) that are not properly processed, will, over time, cause dis-ease in our physical body. We can eat the most nutritious foods on the planet and assist the body in eliminating toxins but we must also be willing to work on eliminating “toxic” emotions for true healing to take place.

Are we a Good Fit?

I certainly hope so! Let’s get together for a FREE 20 minute “get to know each other” session. You will have opportunity to ask questions about the work that I do and I will have opportunity to answer. I will advise how I can assist you in obtaining your health and wellness goals. At the end of this free 20 minute “get to know each other” session you will have an idea which of my services or programs, will be of the greatest benefit to you.

Should you decide we are a good fit, I look forward to working together developing a nutritional plan, incorporating the wholesome real foods, taking into account your preferences your preferred eating style, i.e. vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, etc. I may also make recommendations, of herbal remedies, and other nutritional supplements, that are very easily obtained from me locally, or health food stores, or online.

Debby's Bio

B-Well Nutrition Founder – Debby J. Raabel is a Certified Holisitc Nutritional Consultant, Iridologist/Sclerologist and educator.

Holistic Nutritional Consultants specialize in helping clients maintain or restore biochemistry and physiology in the body for optimum health and well being. These Consultants also assess the unique dietary and nutrition requirements of an individual and utilize whole food dietary recommendations, herbs, enzymes, vitamin and mineral supplements.

Debby graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN) with the designation Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant (CHNC) in 2000.

Debby received her Certificate in Constitutional Iridology from the Tree of Light Institute in 2004, studying under the tutorship of Certified Instructor Eugene Orr, Advanced Iridologist, in St. Albert, Alberta. She received the designation of Sclerologist from Grand Medicine in 2005 studying under world renowned Eyology teacher Leonard Mehlmauer ND, in Edmonton, Alberta and further in-depth apprenticeship training program with Leonard in Las Vegas, NV with a group of her colleagues and peers.

Debby is also a Certified Holisitc Nutritional Consultant. Holistic Nutritional Consultants specialize in helping clients maintain or restore biochemistry and physiology in the body for optimum health and well being. Holistic Nutritional Consultants assess the unique dietary and nutrition requirements of an individual and utilize whole food dietary recommendations, herbs, enzymes, vitamin and mineral supplements.

Debby's Journey

I started my journey into health when I was already in my 30s. Experiencing relatively good health my whole life, I never really gave much thought or attention to food other than jumping on whatever diet bandwagon was in vogue. Perhaps the first encounter with “diet” was as a young teenager I felt I needed to lose weight and went on the Atkins Diet. I remember eating nothing but chicken, cheese and eggs. Weight did come off, and at first I felt good on the diet, other than being constipated (which was “normal” for me). However, since a person can’t stay on that type of diet for very long, as soon I stopped Atkins, the 10 lbs. I lost reappeared just as quickly as they came off!

In retrospect, and from an adult perspective, I never was “over-weight” – just always felt that way. It seemed I had to always exercise more and eat less than all my friends to keep from gaining weight. I was continually constipated, but never really knew that a person was to have 1-3 good bowel movements a day. I was happy to go once a week and even had a doctor tell me this was normal for some people! How I stayed healthy in this condition without any major illness is beyond belief, but I guess a testimony to how miraculous our bodies actually are!

My journey through life led me to a three week stay at a California Health Spa in my early 30s where we ate only raw organic fruits, veggies, sprouted grains, drank a juice called Rejuvelac made from fermented wheat berries, and juiced our own wheat grass juice. Eureka! Bowels worked like they never had before, I lost weight and had the energy of a teenager!

I felt on top of the world! This is where I finally made the connection – what I ate influenced how I felt and how well my body worked.

Unfortunately, continuing to eat totally raw and organic in the real world and, especially in a cold climate, proved to be too much of a task for me. Challenge actually started as soon as I left the Spa; billboards jumping out at me from every corner advertising fast food and then I encountered the smell of pizza in the airport, and I immediately slipped back into old habits and overtime my body became sluggish once again.

In my search for the “best” dietary choices for me personally, I enrolled in the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition two year Registered Holistic Nutrition Course. It was in taking this course I came to realize I was undiagnosed hypothyroid probably my whole life. Thus explaining the sluggish bowels, sluggish metabolism and why I had to always eat less and exercise more than my peers to keep from gaining weight. I learned that our bodies need whole, natural unprocessed foods, free of chemicals and additives to function optimally. I learned that almost all disease in the body is caused by either a nutritional deficiency or excess or toxicity.

It was out of this personal journey that B-Well Nutrition was founded in 2000 to share with others that our bodies are innately self-healing with the right conditions and real food!

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